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  Analysis of Errors - A Support System for Teachers to Analyze the Error Occurring to a Novice Programmer  
  Authors : Aniket Bhawkar; Rohit Belsare; Fenil Gandhi; Pratiksha Somani
  Cite as: ijcsn.org/IJCSN-2013/2-5/IJCSN-2013-2-5-44.pdf


For a novice programmer, coding is equivalent to a nightmare. A novice programmer tries to replicate steps provided by the faculty and on compilation gets a number of errors which the novice programmer is not able to resolve. This system provides support to the faculty about the coding ability of the students and their ability to solve those errors. Also, the faculty can provide a solution to the errors which are occurring to the students and the solution is displayed accordingly. The emphasis of this paper is on developing this system within JAVA and making use of Online Compilers. Moreover, we focus on a new system which is able to provide online code management and these codes get compiled using an online compiler and these programs can be viewed by the respective faculty for cross verification. This paper takes into account the syntactic errors, runtime and semantic errors.


Published In : IJCSN Journal Volume 2, Issue 5

Date of Publication : 01 October 2013

Pages : 37 - 40

Figures : 01

Tables : --

Publication Link : ijcsn.org/IJCSN-2013/2-5/IJCSN-2013-2-5-44.pdf




Aniket Bhawkar : Department of Information Technology, VIIT, Pune, Maharashtra 411048, India.

Rohit Belsare : Department of Information Technology, VIIT, Pune, Maharashtra 411048, India.

Fenil Gandhi : Department of Information Technology, VIIT, Pune, Maharashtra 411048, India.

Pratiksha Somani : Department of Information Technology, VIIT, Pune, Maharashtra 411048, India.








Analysis of Error

Code Management

Support System

Online Compiler

Real-Time Report




The study of the proposed system done so far provides a brief description to determine the ways in which we can help in overcoming the programming difficulties of a novice programmer. The system uses JAVA and an online compiler, is a client-server application, and is not dependent on the barrier Operating Systems. The proposed system overcomes the restrictions of Real-Time Error Presentation to the Faculty and providing a Real-Time Solution to the novice programmer who gets a particular error. Also the system overcomes the drawbacks from previous papers like capturing Run-Time Errors, Code Management, Cross-Verification of the coded programs by the programmer to the respective faculty.










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