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  Need of an English Language Laboratory in Engineering Universities  
  Authors : Samina Hashmi
  Cite as: ijcsn.org/IJCSN-2013/2-5/IJCSN-2013-2-5-20.pdf


This research focuses on the need of a digital language laboratory which will allow the students of a technical university to improve their communication skills not only in work-related situations but also in personal domains. This paper talks about the importance of a language lab in English learning classes at a technical university. It also describes the barriers for teachers using language labs and finally suggests ways how language labs can be useful for students studying sciences.


Published In : IJCSN Journal Volume 2, Issue 5

Date of Publication : 01 October 2013

Pages : 08 - 10

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Publication Link : ijcsn.org/IJCSN-2013/2-5/IJCSN-2013-2-5-20.pdf




Samina Hashmi : got her master degrees in English Literature and Linguistics from Karachi University and Certificate in Professional Studies in Education (CIPSIE) from Bradford College U.K. She has been in teaching profession since 1990 and currently serving Bahria Engineering University Karachi Campus. The current research interest of the author is to develop curriculum of English courses being taught to potential Engineers according to their needs. She had been associated with Society of Pakistan English Language Teachers (SPELT) for several years.








English Language Laboratory



Technical and Professional







The rate of language learning is very high in computer integrated lessons that could be conducted on trial basis. It is to be added here that computer is just a tool which can be used positively or negatively. Overuse of technology may ruin the beauty of proposed lessons. Therefore it is essential to upgrade the professional competence of the faculty responsible for using language labs as no matter how well the curriculums are designed, the development of English language according to university students’ requirements will be handicapped. The benefits of using technologies in the verbal communication classes can only be achieved if the learning objectives are focused to the need of the users. It is to be remembered here that ‘where there is a will there is a way’. With hard and sincere efforts of English language teachers at professional universities, more students centered but less time consuming classes will be seen in future.









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