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  A Review on the Various Recent Steganography Techniques  
  Authors : Sandeep Singh; Aman Singh
  Cite as: ijcsn.org/IJCSN-2013/2-6/IJCSN-2013-2-6-152.pdf


Security of the secret information has been a challenge when the large amount of data is exchanged on the internet. A secure transfer of information can be very much achieved by steganography and Cryptography. Steganography is a tool for hiding information inside an image. Cryptography is a tool which provides encryption techniques for secure communication. This paper presents a survey on various steganograpgy techniques along with other techniques used in the literature from 2003-2013. Several different techniques are mentioned with their benefits, limitations, year of publication and their authors. 65 papers were selected after content filtering out of more than 150 papers. LSB (least significant bits) technique was mostly used, while MSB (most significant bits) technique was very less used. There were also several other techniques used such as SSHDT, RSTEG, DCT, DWT, LWT etc... in various papers. Combined techniques of steganography and cryptography were also used in some papers. The survey results show that the steganogarph has played a very beneficial role in various applications. It increased the level of information security with a wide use of its techniques. It would be very useful and provide a better platform for the beginners who want to work in steganography. By analyzing the existing techniques more new techniques can be developed.


Published In : IJCSN Journal Volume 2, Issue 6

Date of Publication : 01 December 2013

Pages : 142 - 156

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Tables : 02

Publication Link : ijcsn.org/IJCSN-2013/2-6/IJCSN-2013-2-6-152.pdf




Sandeep Singh : Department of Computer Science Engineering, Lovely Professional University Phagwara, Punjab, India

Aman Singh : Department of Computer Science Engineering, Lovely Professional University Phagwara, Punjab, India












Distortion techniques

Visual Steganography



This paper presents a literature review on various steganography techniques from 2003 to 2013. The search was made by using keywords: steganography, steganography techniques, steganography methods, steganography detection, steganography algorithm, etc. It is concluded that at the starting period of 2003 researchers showed least interest in steganography but as time passes the level of their interest raises, in 2012 and 2013 researchers shown much interest It was also seen that most of the papers used the LSB technique, especially in 2012 and 2013 maximum papers are based on LSB steganography technique, also some researchers used some cryptographic techniques along with steganography techniques and several other techniques were also used.This study may provide some prior knowledge to the beginners who want to work in steganography. By examining advantages and limitations of the existing techniques one can generate a better techniques or can used in some different ways or can improved the existing one. As the research in the field of steganography is an ongoing process. It will set a better platform for the beginners. By going through this survey paper beginners surely get some ideas for the future research in steganography.










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