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  Designing of a Tool for String Matching using Regular Expressions  
  Authors : Panthadeep Bhattacharjee; Hussain Ahmed Choudhury; Nasima Aktar Laskar
  Cite as: ijcsn.org/IJCSN-2013/2-6/IJCSN-2013-2-6-142.pdf


In this paper we present an approach towards string matching patterns through an application that aims at detecting various patterns comprising of varied string combinations. The application highlights the various facets of pattern detection requirements and thus aims at finding the occurrences of those patterns in the actual string along with its frequency of occurrence. The validation check is also performed by using the tool to identify whether the entered pattern string complies with the accepted standard set. The tool as a whole provides a common place for all the features to be used out so that navigation to different sources is not required.


Published In : IJCSN Journal Volume 2, Issue 6

Date of Publication : 01 December 2013

Pages : 103 - 107

Figures : 07

Tables : 02

Publication Link : ijcsn.org/IJCSN-2013/2-6/IJCSN-2013-2-6-142.pdf




Mr.Panthadeep Bhattacharjee : has completed his B.Tech in Information Technology in 2010 from Assam University Silchar from the Department of Information Technology. He has completed his M.Tech from NIT Durgapur with specialization in Information Technology from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering in 2012. He is currently working as Assistant Professor in the School of Computer Science and Engineering in KIIT University, Bhubaneswar.

Mr.Hussain Ahmed Chodhury : had completed B.Tech degree from Assam University Silchar in IT in the year 2010. He is currently perusing MBA from Sikkim Manipal University. His area of interests isDatabase management systems and computer networks.

Ms.Nasima A Laskar : had completed her Master Degree in Computer Science from Assam University in the year 2011. She is currently working as an Assistant teacher at a Government organization. Her area of interest is Theory of computation and computer Networks.









Regular expression






The tool as a whole serves the purpose of including a number of string matching features into a single common place. It also serves the purpose of demonstrating the automatons for regular languages to the learners.










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