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  3D Holograph Projection - Future of Visual Communication  
  Authors : Mr. Suresh T. Gohane; Mr.Rushi N. Longadge
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3D Holographic projection technology is the new sign of future technology and communications. This technology first received attention worldwide in 2008 when Prince Charles addressed the World future energy summit and made his first appearance as a hologram in a bid to reduce the royal carbon footprint. In past, American leader Al Gore launched Live Earth Tokyo in a high-tech, virtual way – as a hologram using Holographic Projection. This technology has been used widely to launch the products and create fun. The 3D holographic projection technology is also known as ''Musion Eyeliner.'' Musion Eyeliner – is a variation on the Pepper’s Ghost stage illusion. Here, the images used are three-dimensional images, but projected as two-dimensional images (2D/3D) into a 3D stage set, therefore the mind of the audience create the 3D illusion. Subjects are filmed in HDTV and broadcast on to the foil through HDTV projection systems, driven by HD Mpeg2 digital hard disc players, or uncompressed full HDTV video players. This means that production costs are minimal, needing only the single camera lenses for filming and a single projector for the playback hence the phrase ‘Glasses-free viewing’. With the different application of this technology, it will dramatically affect all the fields of life including business, education, telecommunication and healthcare.


Published In : IJCSN Journal Volume 3, Issue 1

Date of Publication : 01 February 2014

Pages : 83 - 86

Figures : 04

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Publication Link : IJCSN-2014/3-1/3D-Holograph-Projection-Future-of-Visual-Communication




Mr. Suresh T. Gohane : Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, Rajiv Gandhi College of Engineering and Research Nagpur, India

Mr.Rushi N. Longadge : Department of Computer Science and Engineering G. H. Raisoni Academy of Engineering and Technology Nagpur, India








3D Holograph

3D virtual Communication

Holographic communication

Holographic Technology has endless applications as far as the human mind can imagine. Holographic Technologies are not just about art or business communication, they are about safety, security, education, planning and the strength of our civilization here and beyond. Holographic Technology will become a very integral part of human societies and civilizations in the future. This technology has recently been created to bring live holograms from one location and beam them into any location in the world. From the current evidence it is unlikely that holographic technology will have the same fate as Stereoscopic 3D as there is no requirement for glasses and 3D holograms can be placed in real physical space interacting with performers and audience alike. Although augmented reality can overlay digital imagery into the physical world, it also suffers from having to have a display or glasses to look through. The popularity of 3D holographic performances and the significant investment in such technologies by technology companies and Governments makes 3D holographic technology a strong future proposition. 3D holograph projection can be used for virtual audio and video communication which provide real virtual environment as people conversation in front of each other.










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