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  Prognostic Based Resource Monitoring System  
  Authors : Mrs. M. P. Mali; Vaibhavkumar Lonkar; Prerna Meshram
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Data mining is a concept that is taking off in the commercial sector as means of finding useful information and patterns out of gigabytes of data. In this project we are going to use various Data Mining techniques to carry out productive results i.e. predictions about performance of different departments in industry. This will be carried out by recognizing a pattern in the database with the help of data mining Algorithms. This will help in improving overall quality performance of industry. This will provide an application which can calculate overall equipment efficiency of industry. It will be possible to identify problems in manufacturing process and make suggestions for improvements. Resource monitoring focuses on maximizing the use of all resources in an organization, everything from managing people and machinery to office supply.


Published In : IJCSN Journal Volume 3, Issue 1

Date of Publication : 01 February 2014

Pages : 15 - 23

Figures : 03

Tables : 01

Publication Link : IJCSN-2014/3-1/Prognostic-Based-Resource-Monitoring-System




Mrs. M. P. Mali : Asst. Prof. Department of Computer Engineering, VIIT, Pune-48, India

Vaibhavkumar Lonkar : Department of Computer Engineering, VIIT, Pune-48, India

Prerna Meshram : Department of Computer Engineering, VIIT, Pune-48, India










Data Mining

Resource Monitoring

In this paper we are representing a system which can monitor performance of Marketing, Quality, and Engineering departments of mechanical industry. This system can give alerts/ suggestions/ findings based on pattern found in database. It can specify area of improvement. Neural network is very efficient algorithm to find out patterns in database which can give observations very specifically to user. Na´ve Bayes algorithm is sufficient enough to predict the result using different types of conditions available in na´ve Bayes theorem. This system can be efficiently implemented in JAVA.










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