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  A CBNR: New DVR - Based Routing Approach in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks  
  Authors : Mrinal KantiDebbarma; Jhunu Debbarma; Santanu Kumar Sen; Sudipta Roy
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In Distance Vector Routing (DVR), each node maintains a list of all destinations that only contains the cost of getting to that destination, and the next node to send the messages to. Thus, the source node only knows to which node to hand the packet, which in turn knows the next node. This approach has an advantage of massively reduced storage costs compared to link-state algorithms. DVR algorithms are easier to implement and required less amount of required storage space and the actual determination of the route is based on the Bellman-Ford algorithm. Our motive was primarily intended to remove the weaknesses inherent in the widely used DVR based algorithm, which was established on the well-known Bellman- Ford shortest path algorithm. In this paper, we proposed a new routing approach named as component based neighbour routing (CBNR) that uses to create the distance vector routing table (DVRT) that would be truly dynamic, robust and free from the various limitations that have been discussed.


Published In : IJCSN Journal Volume 3, Issue 4

Date of Publication : August 2014

Pages : 247 - 252

Figures : 03

Tables : 03

Publication Link : ACBNR: New DVR - Based Routing Approach in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks




Mrinal Kanti Debbarma : Research Scholar, Department of Information Technology, TrigunaSen School of Technology, As sam University, Silchar, Assam. He is Assistant Professor of CSE Department of NIT AgartalaHisresearch interest includes in Mobile Ad-hoc Routing Protocols, Wireless Sensor Networks. He has 14 years of academic and 5 yearsIndustrial experience. He has published technical papers in various InternationalJournals and Conferences. Mr. Debbarma is a member of IAENG, IACSIT.email: mkdb06@gmail.com

Jhunu Debbarma : Research Scholar, Department of Information Technology, TrigunaSen School of Technology, Assam University, Silchar , Assam. She is Associate Professor of TIT Agartala.Her research interest include in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks. She has 12 years of academic experience. She has published technical papers in various International Journals and Conferences.

Dr. Santanu Kumar Sen : Professor & Head, Department of Computer Science& Engineering, Guru Nanak Institute of Technology, Sodepur, Kolkata. HisResearch Interests are networking, Mobile Communication. He is presentlyguiding Ph.D students, post graduate students. He has around 18 years ofexperience in the field of Computer Science and Engineering in which 8 years inIndustry and 10 years in Academics including Abroad. Prof. Sen has publishedpapers more than 40 technical research papers in International and nationaljournals and conferences. He is fellow member of FIET(UK), FIEC(USA),FIETE, FIE, LMISTE, SMCSI, MACM(USA), SMIEEE(USA). Prof. Sen hasselected in the Marquis Who’s Who in the World in Science & Engineering forthe year 2012.

Dr. Sudipta Roy : Associate Professor & Head, Department of InformationTechnology, TrigunaSen School of Technology, Assam University, Silchar,Assam. His Research Interests are wireless networking, signal processing and imageprocessing. He is presently guiding Ph.D students, post graduate and graduatestudents. He has published numerous papers in International journals and national journals








Distance Vector Routing

Special Neighbours





Thus, it is evident from the above arguments and algorithm that in all of the above possible cases, a router j will always be able to detect whether any of its neighbours is an SCCN or an MCCN or a MCNbCN. Simulation experiment can be done for the above method. Thus our future work is to simulate the proposed methodology and will try to find more efficient, robust, dynamic algorithm as a solution to the scenarios of the component based component neighbours around its neighbours. Our present work is only on DVR based component neighbouring approach in ad hoc network.










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