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  An Evolutionary Optimization for Multiple Sequence Alignment  
  Authors : K. Lohitha Lakshmi; P. Rajesh
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Multiple Sequence Alignment is one of the most useful tools in bioinformatics. It is widely used to identify conservation of protein domains, RNA secondary structure and classification of biological sequences. However, it is recognized as one of the most challenging tasks in bioinformatics. Evolutionary algorithms are providing competitive solutions for engineering optimization. Genetic algorithms are relatively new optimization technique that can be applied to various problems, including those that are NP-hard. We implemented conventional Genetic Algorithm on this problem using a research on Evolutionary Computation System (ECM) using MAT lab. To date, the Genetic Algorithm successfully prevented premature and brought in improvement in Multiple Sequence Alignment for short sequences. However, for the dataset with long sequences, there is no significant improvement. The proposed project work provides evolutionary optimization for MSA with long sequences.


Published In : IJCSN Journal Volume 3, Issue 4

Date of Publication : 01 August 2014

Pages : 195 - 199

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Publication Link : An Evolutionary Optimization for Multiple Sequence Alignment




K.Lohita Lakshmi : is a M.Tech scholar at VVIT(Vasireddy Venkatadri Institute of Technology),Nambur. She got her Master of Computer Applications Degree from Venkateswara University and she got her M.Tech from Nagarjuna University. She is very much interested in Data Mining, Bioinformatics and Computer networks.

P.Rajesh : received the M.Tech degree in computer science and engineering (CSE) from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad in 2009. He is currently pursuing Ph. D degree in the department of computer science and engineering from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad and working as an assistant professor in CSE department at Vasireddy Venkatadri Institute of technology, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. His research interests are in the area of Data mining, Information security, Privacy preserving data publishing and sharing.








Multiple Sequence Alignment

Genetic Algorithms


Here we have presented a detailed implementation of multiple sequence alignment using Evolutionary Algorithm. Also in current work we allow the input sequences of various length .The variable length input sequences are pragmatic to real world. Biological sequences generated by multiple alignments provides valuable source of information for investigating properties, characteristics of the future generated sequences. The proposed algorithm provides an evolutionary optimization for Multiple Sequence Alignment with long sequences.










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