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  Formation of Metagraph Using Clustering  
  Authors : Seema Gaur; Praveen Dhyani
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A cluster is grouping of similar objects. In clustering we find object that must be sufficiently close (or similar) to one another. In this paper we deal with a new graph structure called metagraph, which show meta-node to meta-node mapping. This paper explains the clustering methods, based on metagraph clustering. The metagraph clustering method based on the concept that intra-cluster and inter-cluster similarity. We use concept of clustering to construct a metagraph. Clustering metagraph is a natural way for handling different values.


Published In : IJCSN Journal Volume 3, Issue 5

Date of Publication : October 2014

Pages : 402 - 404

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Publication Link : Formation of Metagraph Using Clustering




Seema Gaur : received the M.Tech degrees in Computer Science Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology Mesra Ranchi in 1999 .Working as Assistant Professor(Computer Science ) in BIT jaipur campus .











Metagraph allows different components of the process to be represented both graphically and analytically. Considering an example which show a metagraph which is constructed in matlab using some function of matlab . Using the same we also construct a metagraph for social data clustering and make a social metagraph.










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