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  Weather Analytics Using Machine Learning Techniques On Openstack Cloud  
  Authors : Pratima Nerkar; Suresh Rathod
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Cloud computing is the latest distributed computing paradigm and it offers various opportunities to solve largeamount of scientific problems. Cloud-enabled VM for developers and scientists. Huge data analysis can be done using cloud computing and machine learning technique management for developers & scientists. We are working on the technology framework for weather analytics. Weather science is Big Data domain .Weather plays an important role in everyday life. Weather prediction has been the one of the most challenging issue around the world in last year. Various techniques are used for prediction are Statistical analysis, Data mining, Regression analysis, and neural networks. This paper represents machine learning technique for the early prediction of weather on hadoop in Openstack cloud.


Published In : IJCSN Journal Volume 4, Issue 5

Date of Publication : October 2015

Pages : 749 - 752

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Tables : 01

Publication Link : Weather Analytics Using Machine Learning Techniques On Openstack Cloud




Pratima Devidas Nerkar : completed B.E. in Computer Engineering in 2011 from K.K.Wagh C.O.E ,Nashik.

Suresh Baliram Rathod : completed B.E. in Information Technology in 2007 from STBCE; Tuljapur.He has also completed his M.E. from SCOE, Pune.








Cloud computing

weather analytics

machine learning technique

big data


Weather has a great impact on agriculture, economy not only in India but across the whole world In this paper we have proposed a method for weather analytics prediction. This is the only prediction regarding weather but not accurate because of weather factors.










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