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  Analyzing Quality of Service Parameters of Abstract Web Services Using Software Agents for Building Composite Web Services  
  Authors : Sunil R Dhore; Dr. M U Kharat
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Composite web service is a combination of multiple abstract web services. To build a composite web service we have to combine multiple abstract web services together may be in sequence or in parallel. On the fly to select the best web service from the multiple abstract web services available for the same purpose is the challenging job and leads to the NP complete problem. So we are proposing an analyzing model of the abstract web services using software agents. Due to seamless integration of web services and mobile agents, agent based framework is a natural choice. We are proposing the analysis part of web services and users with the help of software agents. And decision taken by this analyzing agent will be used to select the best abstract web service which will be the part of composite web service. Analyzing agents use the QOS parameter and Characteristic of web services for selecting best web service.


Published In : IJCSN Journal Volume 4, Issue 6

Date of Publication : December 2015

Pages : 825 - 830

Figures :03

Tables : 04

Publication Link : Analyzing Quality of Service Parameters of Abstract Web Services Using Software Agents for Building Composite Web Services




Sunil R Dhore : is pursuing his Ph.D. at Sant Gadge Baba Amaravati university, He is ME (computer engineering) and currently associated to army institute of Technology, Pune as associate Professor. He is having 10 paper publish at his credit. His area of interest are data structures and algorithms, theory of computation and Distributed systems.

Prof. Dr. M.U. Kharat : is PhD from DAVV Indore and working as Professor and Head of computer engineering at MET’s COE Nashik. He is having 25 Years of experience and 50 Research paper at his credit. His area of Interest is Computer networking and Distributed Systems.








Mobile Agent

Web Service Composition




Restful Web Services

Abstract Web Service

Due to the proposed model, all the features of agents are exploited and use to solve the composite web service building process. Different agents helps here to localize the decision, delegation of the decisions, Role and capacity of the agents are defined and finally the agents are used to negotiation as well. Due to the use of agents the composition process will be much faster as compare to if we try to build the composite web services.










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