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  A Survey on Different Image Processing Techniques for Pest Identification and Plant Disease Detection  
  Authors : Preetha Rajan; Radhakrishnan B
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Pest detection and identification of diseases in agricultural crops is essential to ensure good productivity. The productivity of plants will reduce due to diseases and presence of pests. Image processing can be used to identify the pests and thereby can reduce the use of pesticides. Image processing involves capturing the image and applying various preprocessing techniques and detect the pest in the image. By using the classifier we can classify the pests and plant diseases. This paper presents the study of various image processing techniques and applications for pest identification and plant disease detection.


Published In : IJCSN Journal Volume 5, Issue 1

Date of Publication : February 2016

Pages : 137-141

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Publication Link : A Survey on Different Image Processing Techniques for Pest Identification and Plant Disease Detection




Preetha Rajan : received her B. Tech (Computer Science & Engineering) from University of Kerala in 2009. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Computer Science & Engineering from University of Kerala. Her research interests include image processing.

Radhakrishnan B : is working as Asst. Professor in Computer Science department. He has more than 14 years experience in teaching and has published papers on data mining and image processing. His research interests include image processing, data mining, and image mining.








Image Processing


Feature Extraction


Pest Identification

Disease Detection

This paper addresses how the disease analysis and pest detection is possible in agriculture field. In this review different image processing techniques for pest detection and plant disease detection are studied. The image processing technique proved as an effective machine vision system for agriculture domain. In this paper various feature extraction techniques and classification techniques are compared. The SVM classification provides better result in the detection of pests in almost all the cases. It yields better result and execution time.










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