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  Novel Approach for Human Identification Using Skin Color Segmentation  
  Authors : Kanchan Wani; S. V. Patil
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In this paper, gives both face detection and recognition techniques and developed algorithms for them. Face detection and recognition is challenging due to the Wide variety of faces and the complexity of noises and image backgrounds. For face detection, we have used Viola and Jones face detector based on the Haar-like features.There are three key contributions. The first contribution is a new a technique for computing a rich set of image features using the integral image. The second is a learning algorithm, based on AdaBoost, which selects a small number of critical visual features and yields extremely efficient classifiers. The third contribution is a method for combining classifiers in a cascade which allows background regions of the image to be quickly discarded while spending more computation on promising object-like regions. Further the algorithms that exist are very much specific to the kind of images they would take as input and detect faces. To detect faces we can put a number of simple rejection blocks in series, until we get the faces. Deeper the rejection block, more specifically it can be trained to eliminate non-faces.


Published In : IJCSN Journal Volume 5, Issue 1

Date of Publication : February 2016

Pages : 31-38

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Publication Link : Novel Approach for Human Identification Using Skin Color Segmentation




Ms. Kanchan Wani : had completed her BE in E&TC and pursuing M.E from J. T. Mahajan college of engineering Faizpur, Maharashtra.

Mr. S. V. Patil : M.E (Control & Instrumentation) working as a Sr. Lecturer in Dept. of E&TC. J. T. Mahajan College of Engineering, Faizpur. Maharashtra.












Skin Color Segmentation

There are several methods for face detection, but we have done it by two method. This are as Skin Color Segmentation, Voilo-Jones method. In Skin Color Segmentation some limitations such as background should not be complex. Distance between face and camera must be appropriate and there must be a single face in input image. Hence, looked for another method that is Voila-Jones method. It gives good result for Face [1] Detection as compared to Skin Color Segmentation. Advantages of Voila-Jones over the Skin Color Segmentation are it detects the multiple faces, there is no restriction on kind of background. It detects even small face in an image because of these advantages we used this methods for detection. For feature extraction we used eigenface feature extraction methods. This is totally mathematical method in which we first resize detected face in square form then we calculate eigen values and corresponding eigen vectors. [2] These eigen vectors are used for further processing.










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