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  Secure Data Storage Scheme Using Cryptographic Techniques in Cloud Computing  
  Authors : Rohit Bhore; Dr. Rahila Sheikh
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Data storage security refers to the security of your personal or official work on the storage media. Security has been a number one issue within the Information Technology space as a result of as user’s knowledge or work. We have a tendency to don’t wish anyone to use our work as their own. Range of users stores their data on Cloud Server and with passage of your time cloud computing grows in numbers of time. Information should not be taken by the third party therefore authentication of consumer becomes a compulsory task. Security doesn't solely mean Arcanum protection or adding extra firewalls or hide the information. It additionally suggests that having complete information concerning your data or information i.e. wherever hold is on on-line or offline and who all read it. Before proposed the scheme, the definition of cloud computing and transient discussion to beneath cloud computing is given. Then discusses cryptographic algorithm to employed in cloud & propose the new theme for offer the safety to cloud storage.


Published In : IJCSN Journal Volume 5, Issue 1

Date of Publication : February 2016

Pages : 171-176

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Publication Link : Secure Data Storage Scheme Using Cryptographic Techniques in Cloud Computing




Rohit Bhore : Department C.S.E.( M.Tech.), R.C.E.R.T. Gondwana University. Chandrapur, Maharashtra 442401, India

Dr. Rahila Sheikh : Department C.S.E.( M.Tech.), R.C.E.R.T. Gondwana University. Chandrapur, Maharashtra 442401, India








Cloud Computing

Cryptography Algorithms


Data Storage

Client MAC ID

In this paper we discussed the proposed architecture for cryptographic cloud computing & storage. On that discussion we developed the novel scheme which is the combination of fragmentation technique (Split & Join) and cryptographic algorithm (DES) which is remove the drawbacks of previous architecture. The Proposed scheme provides the security on cloud server as well as a single client or user which stores the data on their computer system. This scheme also used authorization for user identity, so it increases the security of user data and the application. Our scheme was developed to reduce the computational and storage overhead of the client as well as to minimize the computational overhead of the cloud storage server.










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