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  Design and Development of an Intelligent Home Automation and Security System  
  Authors : Akash Mohta; Arindam Ray; Ankurita Chatterjee; Avijit Bose
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Urban households are predominated by nuclear families, often with all members working. This leaves not only the household and related property in danger, but also those members of the same who are in need of continuous care and monitoring. This creates the need to develop an integrated product that will provide easy control, monitoring and security services, along with a highly reliable remote access system which will be deliverable as a complete set, ready to be installed right away. In our research we presented a novel approach to Intelligent Home Automation technology which ensures security from breaches and includes voice-based control over appliances and operations, in-household monitoring using image processing, as well as controlling of fans and lights according to the temperature conditions and presence of a user. It is based on Android and uses the Arduino platform, both of which are free and opensource systems. In this paper, a system called Intelligent Home Automation and Security System using Remote web application that is based on GSM and Wi-Fi modules is proposed and prototyped. First the hardware design is described and then the supporting software implementation is described.


Published In : IJCSN Journal Volume 5, Issue 4

Date of Publication : August 2016

Pages : 599-603

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Akash Mohta : Dept. of ECE, Institute of Engineering & Management, Kolkata, India.

Arindam Ray : Dept. of ECE, Institute of Engineering & Management, Kolkata, India.

Ankurita Chatterjee : Dept. of ECE, Institute of Engineering & Management, Kolkata, India.

Avijit Bose : Dept. of ECE, Institute of Engineering & Management, Kolkata, India.








Mobile APP, Face-Recognition, Voice- Control, Security, GSM

Security is always an important factor in our household as we hope to protect all our indispensable commodities securely and privately. This may include our locker rooms, personal privacy and household limitations. Now, the central control from the user phone App gives exclusive access to the services, provided the user crosses all security firewalls including password protection, facedetection algorithms and pattern locking-unlocking facility. This system redefines simplicity in innovation. In future we would like to improve our system and also expand it to offices and other commercial spaces where Security and monitoring shall be extensively focused upon. Also the system would be tested in remote industrial areas where human labor is less and a high level of automation exists.


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