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  Optimal Security and Performance in File Hosting Applications  
  Authors : Sukruti Admuthe; Bharti Dhote
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Individual distributed storage administrations are picking up fame. However the two principle issues worried with the document facilitating applications are security and execution. Through this anticipate for information security "Division and Replication of Data in the Cloud for Optimal Performance and Security (DROPS) system" would be utilized. In the DROPS strategy, the document is partitioned into sections, and repeat the divided information over the cloud hubs. Each of the hubs will stores just a solitary section of a specific information document that guarantees that even if there should be an occurrence of an effective assault, no important data is uncovered to the aggressor .Also considering the purpose of replication, Erasure coding offers better information assurance. Exploratory results exhibit that the system is better to the extent relieved storage room limit and data recuperation.


Published In : IJCSN Journal Volume 5, Issue 4

Date of Publication : August 2016

Pages : 604-608

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Sukruti Admuthe : Savitribai Pule University , Dept. Computer Computer Engineering Pune, Maharashtra, India

Bharti Dhote : Savitribai Pule University , Dept. Computer Computer Engineering Pune, Maharashtra, India








EC2, S3, DROPS, Centrality, T-Coloring , Erasure Coding

To keep up the effective and to prevent information debasement in information storage backup system are main errands. Storing information sections on numerous servers decreases the possibilities of information loss yet this information section storage on different servers for information backup expands storage space. To preserve the storage space, our proposed framework executes erasure coding method; this can restore the tainted information records if any part is loss or corrupt. Likewise to decrease the calculation cost, framework makes utilization of cloud servers to store the information, as cloud server has its own particular focal points; security, low cost, high accessibility and so on. To assess the performance of proposed framework, the examination completed on dataset having numerous documents. The record size shifts from `16 MB to 11 MB. The exploratory results demonstrate that, our framework is superior to existing one, in case of storage space, cost and accessibility of information.


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