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  A Review of Cellular Networks Technology Channel Handoff TDMA and FDMA using Hybrid Scheme  
  Authors : Sonali Gupta; Sheilly Padda; Umesh Sehgal
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Cellular communication is a technology which mainly makes the mobile phones to communicate with each other. In Cellular communication the end user that is the mobile phone user doesn’t stay at a particular place but moves from one place to another. Handoff is allot as handover. The channel change due to handoff may be through a time slot, codeword or combination of these for TDMA, FDMA and CDMA or a hybrid scheme. For cellular communication systems, mobility and limited radio coverage of a cell requires calls to be handed over from one base station system (BSS) to an another BSS.There are occurrences where a handoff is unsucceful.Lots of research was conducted regarding this in the late 80’s main reason was found out. Because frequencies cannot be reused in adjacent cells, when a user moves from one cell to another, a new frequency must be allocated for the call. If a user moves into a cell when all available channels are in use, the user’s call must be terminated. In this paper the inter technology handovers where a calls connection is transferred from one access technology to another GSM/UMTS handoff to Wi Fi and Vice versa.


Published In : IJCSN Journal Volume 6, Issue 3

Date of Publication : June 2017

Pages : 405-408

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Tables : --


Sonali Gupta : A.P, Chandigarh Engineering College Landran, Mohali A.P, GNA University, Phagwara

Sheilly Padda : A.P, Chandigarh Engineering College Landran, Mohali A.P, GNA University, Phagwara.

Umesh Sehgal : A.P, Chandigarh Engineering College Landran, Mohali A.P, GNA University, Phagwara.


Cellular communication, Wireless networks, Sensor networks, MAHO

As we tend to square measure moving towards the fifth generation mobile systems, the necessity for rising coverage, systems. AN classification of various sorts of football plays also are explained and a comprehensive survey on vertical football play deciding parameter’s and deciding rules that helps in choice of most fitted vertical handoff deciding algorithm for choosing best network. it's the primary time that DNCBP is employed as a way of constructing football play rule call. In addition; future work includes affordable weight choice on vertical football play call operate.


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