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  Application of Hill Climbing Algorithm as Data Mining Technique for Surveillance of Real Time Video Streams  
  Authors : Avinash P. Ingle; Sushma D. Ghode
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Data mining is the application of statistical techniques and programmatic algorithms to discover previously unnoticed relationships within the data. Video surveillance has long been in use to monitor security sensitive areas such as banks, department stores, highways, crowded public places and borders. The advance in computing power, availability of large-capacity storage devices and high speed network infrastructure paved the way for cheaper, multi sensor video surveillance systems. The ultimate goal of the present generation surveillance systems is to allow video data to be used for on-line alarm generation to assist human operators and for offline inspection effectively. Moving object detection is the basic step for further analysis of video.


Published In : IJCSN Journal Volume 6, Issue 3

Date of Publication : June 2017

Pages : 356-361

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Avinash P. Ingle : has completed his BE in IT from Government college of engineering Amaravti. He has completed his M.Tech in CSE from GHRCE Nagpur. He is a Assistant Professor at Department of Information Technology in Priydarshini Institute of Engineering and Technology, Nagpur. His research interests are Data Mining, Data Structure, Image Processing artificial intelligence.

Sushma D. Ghode : has completed her B.E. in Information Technology in 2005 and M.E. in Wireless Communication and Computing in 2010, both from GHRCE Nagpur, under RTM Nagpur University. She is pursuing PhD from dept. of Information Technology YCCE, Nagpur. She is presently working as assistant Professor in Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering at MIT Aurangabad (India).


Data Mining; Video surveillance; Object detection

The hill climbing algorithm will effectively find out the abnormal activities. It includes target area detection, video segmentation and clustering. Hill climbing can often produce a better result than other algorithms such purpose.


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