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  Man – Mobile: Activity-based Cyber Security Analysis  
  Authors : VSRao Sasipalli; Hideaki Muka; KrishnamRaju Gottumukkala
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Mobile phones became main part of our daily life helping us accomplish many tasks or activities from anywhere anytime at fingertips. These activities involve information either receiving or passing over internet, which cause cybersecurity problems. Most of the activities handle sensitive data right from the identifying yourself to finish the activity. Cyber-threats increased with the increase in the number of Mobiles, People, Apps and Activities. This is forcing us to consider cybersecurity of Man - Mobile and Activity – Data/Apps concepts. In this paper, an analysis of these four main players is given in cybersecurity perspective by considering the relationships among these four players. Further driven-apps and their influence are also considered in the analysis graphically. Introduced a point scaling the effectiveness of analyzing the relationships which help understand the risk severity.


Published In : IJCSN Journal Volume 6, Issue 3

Date of Publication : June 2017

Pages : 409-416

Figures :11

Tables : 05


VSRao Sasipalli : received bachelors and masters in Mathematics from Andhra University, advanced masters from Technical University of Kaiserslautern and Doctorate from Hiroshima University. He worked as Lecturer, Engineer and coordinator for companies and Universities both in India and Japan. His main research interests focus on applications of technology to society. Other interests include developing strategies for technology development. He is a life member in many professional organizations. He published paper in interdisciplinary areas of Mathematics, Computer Science, Electronics and Sociology. He received best faculty award from SITAM Engineering College, India. He is currently focusing on Cybersecurity problems.

Hideaki Mukai : received bachelors and masters from Hiroshima City University. He has been with Fuji Soft Co. Ltd., as Manager of Software Division. His research interests include development of good smartphones and manage technical human resources. He is currently focusing on business development strategies in smartphone arena.

KrishnamRaju Gottumukkala : is a retired professor of engineering mathematics. His served Andhra University for 45 years and now research advisor. His research interests focus on engineering applications for society. He is currently focusing on developing methodologies for social change through technology.


Man-Mobile, Data-Activity, Cybersecurity, Driven Apps, Point Scaling, t-tests and Analysis

Cybersecurity is a Fuzzy network of security problems and solutions. Though several methodologies, approaches and solutions are proposed by various researchers, none of them focused on the Man – Mobile relationships to analyze the security issues. We proposed new methodology, studied and analyzed the Man – Mobile relationships, by statistical methods. These statistical methods usually are applied in population, or action – response observation, but we apply them for security problems.


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