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  A Comparison of Algorithms for Deployment of Heterogeneous Sensors  
  Authors : Amol Lachake
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Wireless Sensor Networks are most commonly used networks. The deployment of sensors has several issues like connectivity, coverage and life time. In this work we propose an algorithm for heterogeneous deployment of the sensors so that th study e range of sensors do not overlap. Also the sensors are within the boundary of the region. Here we deploy sensors having different radii and study the various types of deployment in terms of number of sensors deployed and are covered.


Published In : IJCSN Journal Volume 6, Issue 5

Date of Publication : October2017

Pages : 594-598

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Amol A Lachake : working in Dr. D Y.Patil SOET,Lohegoan Pune, has Completed ME in Computer Engg from PICT Pune. He has interest in research area of Algorithm and Heuristic search techniques.


Sensor networks, Connectivity, circle packing, deployment

Here we have compared the variants of sensor deployment. The variants used corner and centre placing of the sensors. Corner placed deployment gives a better coverage then centre one.


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