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  Automatics Vehicle License Plate Recognition using MATLAB  
  Authors : Alhamzawi Hussein Ali mezher
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The objective of this paper is to be able to detect the area of a car license in a photograph. Using computer vision and digital image processing techniques. The different processes to which a photograph of a car is subjected will be explained in order to detect its registration. It will be indicated under what conditions the presented algorithm is effective and correctly detects the registration and under what conditions it can produce false positives. Indicate that the algorithm will only detect the area where the license plate is located, adjusting as much as possible the size of this zone to the size of the license plate.


Published In : IJCSN Journal Volume 6, Issue 6

Date of Publication : December 2017

Pages : 677-681

Figures :13

Tables : --


Alhamzawi Hussein Ali mezher : Faculty of Informatics/University of Debrecen Kassai ut 26, 4028 Debrecen, Hungary.


Median filter , canny edge detection, image convolution , image binarization

The method described in this communication has shown a relatively high success rate when used in sequences of images. The phase of locating license plates handles complex scenes quite well, demonstrating a high discriminatory power. However, it would be desirable to improve the character recognition in the future as well as the location of the license plate sides.


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