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  Knowledge Based Tourism Recommendation System Using Knowledge Base Filtering With Protégé Framework  
  Authors : Dilkash Naaz; Mohammad Danish
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In today’s world, many people uses online services for visiting places. So, the online tourism system can help to decide when and where to go. In order to improve the tourist plan using recommender system in favor of user interest, we have implemented a tourism system as per user interest such as user budget, season, area, and the number of days. In this paper, we have used the semantic web with ontology to describe the visiting place in anywhere in India for customer choice. To develop the ontology protégé framework is used to describe in better form. The User just puts their interest in general term and system will select the more convenient activities for them. Knowledge-based filtering the system has been used to develop recommender system.


Published In : IJCSN Journal Volume 7, Issue 3

Date of Publication : June 2018

Pages : 182-191

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Tables : --


Dilkash Naaz; : Department of Computer Science, AL-FALAH UNIVERSITY Faridabad, Haryana (121004), India.

Mohammad Danish : Department of Computer Science, AL-FALAH UNIVERSITY Faridabad, Haryana (121004), India.


Recommender system, Knowledge-based filtering, Semantic web, Tourism recommendation system, and protégé framework

All through the elaboration of this paper, in which different framework is used, new technology and ontology are the main role play in this model. This work has not only help me to know about recommendation system, ontology and similarity index but also familiar in the field of tourism sector.


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