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  Survey on Recent Bio-Inspired Optimization Algorithms  
  Authors : Rowida Ali AL.Amry; Ghaleb AL-Gaphari
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Bio inspired algorithms are meta-heuristic optimization algorithm that mimics the intelligence features from biologic behavior in animal , bird, fish and so on. Bio inspired algorithms considered as a major subset of nature inspired algorithm. They become very important in computing a wide range of applications in different domains .The main goal of this paper is to make a literature survey of some recent bio inspired algorithms to investigate the reasonable performance of the current algorithms and predicting suitable algorithms for solving optimization problems. In this paper, some recent research papers of bio inspired algorithms are summarized such as bat algorithm (BA), cuckoo optimization algorithm (COA) , krill herd algorithm (KHA), dolphin echolocation algorithm (DEA), grey wolf algorithm (GWA) and crow search algorithm (CSA).The paper focuses on algorithms concepts, behavior ,principles , mathematical models and algorithms steps. In addition to experiments evaluation and the advantages of each algorithm. Implementation of bio inspired algorithms is more efficient compared to conventional algorithms in terms of optimization problems solutions.


Published In : IJCSN Journal Volume 7, Issue 6

Date of Publication : December 2018

Pages : 327-338

Figures :06

Tables : 01


Rowida Ali AL.Amry : Department of Computer Science, Sana'a University, Sana 'a , Yemen

Ghaleb AL-Gaphari : Department of Computer Science, Sana'a University, Sana'a , Yemen


Optimization algorithms, Bio-inspired Algorithms, Meta-heuristic, Optimization problems.

As an overview of a modified method for optimal power control in mesh MGs, this paper involved fundamental concepts of the main methodologies. An OPF theory based agent consensus performances was modeled, and for information discovery, ACA was enabled. Regrouping these specifications has led to a fully information discovery process which was distributed such that each node only needs to communicate with its direct neighbors. Simulation results provides optimal solution in terms of rapid iteration convergence and gives an alternative to the previously ACA algorithms in the case of small meshed MG systems. In contrast, it should be necessary to overhaul the test model with a high number of DERs and for a more realistic setup, more effort should be put on a description of flexible DERs and its costs settings.


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