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  An Elevated Approach for Securing Data using Two Factor Authentication in Cloud Storage System  
  Authors : Md. Sohel Ahammed; Md. Nahid Newaz
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Cloud computing is an internet-based computing systems where online virtual shared resources are instructed by the user as required on their needs. As our modern technology has a vast amount of digital information which can be managed by cloud computing systems so it is a new mechanism to distribute products from producer to consumer in a very different and effective style of computing. With some advantages of cloud storage system, it has a security flaws in accessing data from another user over the internet. Different types of attack can be done by the third party when sharing file is distributed among the users and hacker will get a unauthorized access to these sharing files. By distributing sharing access or storage with many other users, it is conceivable for another user to hack their data. This paper discusses the two-factor authentications mechanisms(2FA) for the cloud computing security concerns on shared resources and the way for resolving the security risk on cloud computing devices, resources, and the security credentials risk mitigation method or algorithm when a user wants to access a storage system into the cloud.


Published In : IJCSN Journal Volume 8, Issue 1

Date of Publication : February 2019

Pages : 85-90

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Md. Sohel Ahammed : is working as the lecturer at dept. of Computer Science & Engineering at Bangladesh University of Business and Technology, Dhaka, Bangladesh. He has achieved B.Sc. Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering from Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology (RUET) and pursuing M.Sc. IICT at BUET. Three publication has been published in international refereed journal and conference. His research interest is like Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition, Deep learning, Data mining, and Cyber Security.

Md. Nahid Newaz : is currently working as a lecturer at Computer Science and Engineering department at Bangladesh University of Business and Technology (BUBT). He Completed his B. Sc. Degree from University of Dhaka in 2015. His primary research interest is Machine learning, cloud computing, data mining, and network security.


Cloud Computing, Encryption, Decryption, Two Factor Authentication, Cipher-text, and Plain-text

This paper demonstrates that 2FA systems is a secure process for sharing the data into cloud server. If we avoid the data distribution from multiple access from the unauthorized user, this process will be very efficient in the cloud computing sector. This system target is to enhance the security and confidentiality of the data and give the revocability of the device. Once the device is revoked then SDAM will offer new unique or personal security device to user.


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