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  Survey on Object Detection and Classification Using Various Methods  
  Authors : Hitesh Kumar Jain Jathanraj
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Autonomous vehicles have become the recent trends, these vehicles require various functions to perform in parallel. One such function is target object detection and classification of the target object, which would aid the performance of the vehicle at various scenarios. Over the years various object detection and classification algorithms have been proposed. The paper gives overview of different kind of algorithms and methods used for object detection and classification. In Advance Diver Assistance System (ADAS), the Autonomous Emergency Braking System function depends upon the target vehicles on road in real time. So it is important to detect the object and classify them to improve the performance of the ADAS.


Published In : IJCSN Journal Volume 8, Issue 1

Date of Publication : February 2019

Pages : 24-27

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Hitesh Kumar Jain Jathanraj : Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Kanchipuram dist., Tamil Nadu 603 203, India.


ADAS, Deep Learning, CNN, Object Detection, Object Classification

This survey paper gives an overview of recent algorithms used for object detection and classifications. To improve the performance of the ADAS real-time detection of object algorithm needs to be robust in nature with high accuracy. Various algorithms with improved accuracy are available for object detection by using Deep Neural Network, Region based full Convolution Network, Darknet Architecture, semantic features extraction, Convolution Neural Network, Pointnet Architecture, etc. Among these Darknet based deep learning method implemented with the help of YOLO provides better object detection in real time application.


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