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  A Review of Synthesis of Concatenate Speech Conversion in Punjabi  
  Authors : Jaspreet Kaur; Amandeep Kaur; Umesh Sehgal
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Speech is the essential method for communication between individuals. Speech is regularly dependent upon natural speech's concatenation i.e. units which are obtained from a sentence or word. The synthesis of concatenate speech has turned out to be exceptionally well known in these years because of its enhanced affectability to unit context over easier predecessors. Speech synthesis has been worked on for quite a few years from now. Latest progress in speech synthesis has delivered synthesizers having very high comprehensibility. In the process of speech synthesis, the accurateness of information extraction is pivotal in creating synthesized speech having very high quality. Speech synthesis incorporates the algorithmic change of text data which is input to waveforms of speech.


Published In : IJCSN Journal Volume 8, Issue 2

Date of Publication : April 2019

Pages : 157-159

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Jaspreet Kaur : Chandigarh Engineering College, Landran.

Amandeep Kaur : Chandigarh Engineering College, Landran.

Umesh Sehgal : Chandigarh Engineering College, Landran.


text to speech, NLP, TTS, ASR

An initial step towards this end, a study of the artificial technologies in which there is study of tasks of natural language processing has done. These tasks include speech recognition and speech synthesis. The speech recognition is used for changing speech into text. It uses automated speech recognition system. Then speech synthesis can convert the text to speech. It can convert with the help of some different tools such as Dialog system. The survey of various techniques of text to speech synthesis system has been presented in this paper. It is found that many systems for Punjabi language to speech conversion are yet to be formulated. So, it is proposed to develop a system which is able to guide laymen about Punjabi language. It will pronounce the Punjabi letter (dictation set of thing). It has been found that this kind of system is not developed it.


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