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  Overview and Applications of Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP)  
  Authors : Jahid Hasan
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This paper disclosed Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) to prove any statement that is true but without revealing the secret of that information to the verifier. After that, it includes a formal example to show how a ZKP works. We showed two computational protocols to prove ZKP and these are: Schnorr's protocol and Fiege-Fiat-Shamir Identification to verify the situation is true or false. The paper concludes the application of ZKP in usage of Blockchain, zk-SNARKs, Zcash cryptocurrency in real life examples. In summarize, it describes the field of ZKP systems and provides a brief its algorithm and applications. Also it concludes with the present and future research interest on ZKP.


Published In : IJCSN Journal Volume 8, Issue 5

Date of Publication : October 2019

Pages : 436-440

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Jahid Hasan : Currently pursuing his Master's degree in Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China. His research interests include Information cryptography, Blockchain technology, 5G network, wireless communications etc.


ZKP, Schnorr's protocol, Fiege-Fiat-Shamir Identification, Blockchain, zk-SNARKs, Zcash

In conclusion, for both the mathematicians and cryptographers, the evidence of ZKP is of significant theoretical and practical concern. From this, we can find how a ZKP works on those protocols and see their behavior. In contrast, we have introduced its applications in real life examples. Mostly, nowadays, Blockchain technology adopting this ZKP techniques for the secured and authentic transaction between two parties. Moreover, ZKP is more promising and advance research area in the field of Blockchain technology and on its distributed ledger systems.


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