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  Frame Comparison Using Structural Similarity For Fixed Threshold  
  Authors : Ramesh M. Badiger; Dr. Dharmanna L
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Now days there are different methods are present for evaluation of features of images, but there is no common effort developed for the comparison of the quality of image. Here we highlight the similarity based matching technique which will help in matching of the images. This method involves the comparison of points in one image to other, which reduces the complex algorithm implementation. The frames are extracted 1per/sec and frames are taken into a folder for reference match. Key image defines the image to be matched along frames extracted from videos. The image with the high similarity index is displayed as matched image. This would help in analyzing the image in greater depth.


Published In : IJCSN Journal Volume 8, Issue 6

Date of Publication : December 2019

Pages : 451-457

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Prof. Ramesh M. Badiger : completed B.E in 2009,M.Tech in 2011 and perusing PhD and has 9 year of teaching experience. Received Second Prize, International National Conference for the paper entitled "Text Extraction From Road Side Display Boards Using Wavelet and SVM" held at TRINITY (isle) Bangalore and also Second Prize, National Conference for the paper entitled "Cross Layer Adaptation in Media Delivery in Wireless Sensor Network "held at J.N.N I.T CHENNAI. Ha has published many national and International papers.

Dr. Dharmanna Lamani : is currently working as HOD of information science and engineering at SDM Institute of technology, Ujire, Karnataka. He obtained M.Tech degree from VTU, Belagavi. He was awarded Ph.D. Degree in computer science and engineering from VTU, Belagavi. Earlier worked as Sr. Lecturer in the department of Computer Science Engineering from Nov 2007 to August 01 2009 at East West Institute of Technology (EWIT) Bangalore. Also he worked as Lecturer in the department of Computer Science Engineering from Nov 05 2005 to Nov 01 2007 at B.T.L. Institute of Technology Bangalore His research interests includes Medical Image Processing, Embedded System design, Pattern Recognition and Computer Networking. He has published around 20 papers in reputed Journals and conferencea.


Key Frame, Similarity index, Threshold

In the field of computer vision image analysis is main objective. Analysis can be carried out on the frames extracted from the video. We have adopted a structural similarity value to indicate the difference between the images. Fames are extracted from the video 1per sec. Quality of the analysis can still be improved by reducing the rate at which frames are extracted from the video. The transfer rate and transmission time can be minimized by eliminating the similar frames.


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