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  Wires, P=NP in Applied Logic  
  Authors : Rashad Zaguia
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- Before this work: The field of computer engineering was about using ('nand' and 'nor') universal logic gates to make processors and programs. Some of the field of electric engineering was about realizing those universal gates using transistors. Some of the field of chemical engineering was about using rare earth mines as semi conductors to make those transistors. - After this work: A wire f(x)=x is proven to be a universal function. The field of computer engineering does no longer require the electric engineering field to make transistors. Wires are sufficient. The field of chemical engineering can still help increasing the speed by allowing a miniaturization of conductors.


Published In : IJCSN Journal Volume 8, Issue 6

Date of Publication : December 2019

Pages : 474-480

Figures :25

Tables : --


Rashad Zaguia : Computer engineer ,University Of Ottawa, Ksar Helal, Monastir 5070, Tunisia.


First order logic, logic gates, Turing machine, Foundation of computer architecture, using logic gates to program, networks of wires to replace transistors

In this paper a wire as a function F(x) = x is proven universal. Conductors are cheaper and faster than semi-conductors gives advantage to wires. A wire could always transmit light, which would allow us to compute at real light speed. Any function that can make a wire is universal. f(x) = x = x xor 0 ['xor' is capable of making a wire, 'xor' is universal]. Considering section "2 statement of the problem" P is equal to NP Over long term it means better delivery, better infrastructure, better resources usage for much less encryption and online banking. Simple payments on delivery are a solution.


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