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  Column Database - An Acute Choice for Data Warehouses  
  Authors : Mekhala
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The use of Computer-based systems is increasing day by day and in due to many numbers and so critical demands we require making such complex business decisions so that we can bring many progressive changes in this field. To obtain this victoriously this data analysis and business reporting systems require additional resources for progress. Therefore, we need better, speeder and solely effective substitutes to correct and improve these issues. Former few years, the Column-oriented database systems are developing very quickly in demand and it is in progress also. We have found by peer-reviewing that unlike a row-oriented database there is another database in terms of technology which is much better and faster for data warehousing. In this paper, we are providing a review of many papers by saying that a column-oriented database is faster for data warehousing because the magnetically spinning platters use to read or write heads such move around to find the data and the drive performs the fewer heads have to move. Consequently, the time is lessened and the data can be delivered faster.


Published In : IJCSN Journal Volume 9, Issue 2

Date of Publication : April 2020

Pages : 28-31

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Mekhala : obtained M.Tech and B.Tech., in Computer Science from Uttarakhand Technical University. Her research areas include process mining and database. She has published research papers and review paper in international journals.


Database, DBMS, Warehousing, Column-oriented system

In this paper, we can conclude that in DBMS a columnoriented store needs fewer improvements as compared to another database in terms of warehousing. This improvement in database leads to expansion of large databases and need very less performance-based elaborations. Because of this, we can also conclude that data warehousing is predominantly read-oriented.


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