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  Context-Integrity Access Control (CIAC): An Information Security Tool for a Secure Academic Web-Portal  
  Authors : Onakoya, Johnson Rotimi; Hammawa, Mohammed Baba
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The given set theory mathematical model is a symmetric differences of (Full Outer Join) except, (Inner Join) using hybrid tag methods in matching role with related Python with flask framework and Sequence Query Language (Flask-SQLAlchemy) that detects cyber terrorist, and blocks access control problems, distinct users and privileges, defend cyber sovereignty and silos data integrity.


Published In : IJCSN Journal Volume 9, Issue 2

Date of Publication : April 2020

Pages : 08-18

Figures :09

Tables : 01


Onakoya, Johnson Rotimi : is a Ph.D. Scholar, a Deputy Director, MIS at University of Abuja, Abuja. Nigeria. He has many publications to his credit. Member, British Computer Society, Computer Professional of Nigeria (CPN), Nigeria Computer Society and Nigeria Institute of Management.

Hammawa, Baba Mohammed : is a Professor of Computer Science with bias in Information Security. Currently a Dean of Science in Baze University, Abuja. Nigeria. He has many publications both in International and local Journals to his credit. He has rich experience in Academic and Information Security world..


Context-Integrity, Cyber Sovereignty, Deny access, Hybrid tag methods, Intruder and Silos data integrity

We want to say that we have adequately explained the context-integrity information security mechanism. We had extended traditional role-based model to a new security infrastructure called context integrity information security. Also modernized the traditional Username and password to valid email, Password and Role matching in Context-Integrity Access Control.


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