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 How to publish research paper

Following description assists you how to write a good research paper, preparation for research article, how to publish research paper in International Journals or International Conferences etc.

" Publication of research papers is an important aspects in technical education. If a research scholar is persuing his graduation, post-graduation or doctoral program, then his supervisor may tell him to publish his research work in International Journal or International Conference. Lets see how you can prepare yourself for your research publication ".

1] Identify your area of interest
This is very first step of research publication. You must identify your area of interest first. It may be Digital Image Processing, Computer Graphics, Artificial Intelligence, Database, etc.


2] Search already published paper related with your interest and review them
Once you have identified area of interest, now its time to search already published research paper related with your area of interest .See here >> .Make more and more collection of published papers. Review contents of all papers. Now think yourself that what more can you do amongst all that research.


3] Now prepare your research paper & Review

From above point 2], we will get am idea about research work. Now prepare your research paper. Following are some points that you must include in your research paper.

Paper Title You research paper must have a good paper title. This paper title must not exits elsewhere. Your paper title suggests that whether or not your research is original.
Author Information After paper title, insert information about authors like First and Last name, email address, Affiliation, Address for contact purpose. Editor may send you hard copy of Certificate on same address.
Abstract Abstract describes contents of your whole research paper. It is be in 60-100 words.
Keywords Keywords denote the topics that you are going to describe in your research papers. E.g. RDBMS, AI, etc.
Introduction This gives short description about your research paper.
Literature Review Literature review contains the description about research works that are already published somewhere. You can tell here what paper you have review and what topic you have got from which paper. After finishing of each paper paragraph in literature review , give numbering like [1], [2] which is reference number listed in references.
Proposed Work Proposed work in an actual work / method you are going to implement in your research. You can describe it in the form of algorithm, dataflow diagram , block diagram, tables, flowchart etc.
Output You can provide here output or snapshots of your research work. Also provide more information about output snapshots.
Conclusion Give your conclusion about your research work.
Future Work You can mention future work that can be implemented in future in your research area or topic.

Add research papers that you have used during your research at the end of your research paper. Here you can add your own research paper if you have already published your paper somewhere. This will increase your citation.

E.g. [1] Name of author, "Title of paper" , Journal of Conference name , Volume number, Issue Number, Pages , year of publication.

Now your research paper is ready. You must review it or consult with your supervisor before final submission.


4] Search for suitable International Journals / International Conferences & Submit your research paper
Now your research paper is ready. It is time to search call for papers of International Journals / International Conferences. Keep eye on their paper submission deadline. Submit your research paper. For this some journal websites have online submission form or they will provide you an email address where you have to send your paper. Some journals of conferences may recommend you to format your research paper as per their standard format. So do it.
5] Be patience and regularly check your email inbox and spam
Once you submit your research paper, editor will send it for review process which may take 2-15 days depending on committee members. So be patience. They will send you "Paper Acceptance Letter" OR "Paper Rejection Letter". So just check your mail inbox and spam box on regular basis. If accepted, Complete their formalities and your research paper will get published very soon.