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  Detailed Design of Distributed Resource Manager  
  Authors : M Sai Pradeep; Harish Mamilla; S C Gupta
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Large-scale data processing is growing rapidly as enterprises are moving towards big data projects. Big enterprises are also maintaining distributed data centers across the globe for disaster recovery and business continuance. After experiencing the success of big data projects, need of running future big data projects on distributed data centers arises. In that case, existing resource management solutions such as Apache YARN or Mesos fails as they still have a centralized resource manager. So for extreme scale data centers or distributed data centers, we need a new generation distributed resource management solution.


Published In : IJCSN Journal Volume 6, Issue 6

Date of Publication : December 2017

Pages : 777-786

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M Sai Pradeep : currently pursuing Masters at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. He has completed B.E. from M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore in Computer Science on 2012. He has worked in Samsung R&D, Noida for 1 year and currently working at Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. His research interests includes Big Data, Cloud computing and Data Analytics.

Harish Mamilla : currently pursuing Masters at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. He has worked in Honeywell Pvt Ltd.

S C Gupta : Department of Computer Science & Engg, IIT-Delhi, Delhi, 110016, India .


Resource Manager, Mesos, YARN, Distributed, extreme scale

We have discussed a distributed resource management layer solution which allows distributed as well as extreme scale data centers to share resources in an efficient and controlled manner. Existing resource manager solutions such as YARN and Mesos does not address the distributed and extreme scale data centers issues as they have a centralized host to manage resources. Our solution distributes that module so that centralized RM will not be a bottleneck. It can be easily scalable by adding a new sub-cluster. Policy maker host manages the whole cluster but sub-clusters are not dependent on the always-on policy maker host. Data center requirements such as load balancing, trigger draining of sub-clusters that will undergo maintenance etc. can easily be handled by enforcing policies via policy maker. If the policy maker is not available, cluster operations will continue as per last published policies. Together these elements make our solution feasible to all distributed and extreme scale data centers.


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